11.01. „Wake The Town…!“ Jackpot ls. Dubs Till Dawn (FFM)

Jackpot_WakeTheTown_A2JAN2014webbigWake The Town And Tell The People!

11.01.2014 @ Kulturcafe Mainz

Jackpot meets Dubs Till Dawn (FFM)

23:00-24:00 / 5 €, ab 24:00 / 7€
1 Rum Cola von 23:00-01:00 für 4€

About Dubs Till Dawn:


It all started by fortunate coincidence in 2k7. The founding members, which are Docta B, Carlow, Booyahkah and Mr. Speakah, met due to several reasons, found out about their shared interest in Caribbean Bass Music. And somehow decided to play the music they loved to a puplic audience.

From day one on we focus on two issues: first, we want to satisfy the needs of an audience that is willing to dance; secondly and at the same time, we try to deliver creative selections by playing the new, the good, the old and the unknown.

As time passes by a new member, Junior Fab, joined the crew in 2k10 and more diverse kinds of music receive its deserved attention in our selections including, Jamaican Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, Dancehall, Island Pop, Disco, Dubstep and Bass Music. Based in our lovely hometown Frankfurt we played on various clubnights throughout the city, such as the infamous „Master Blaster“ and „Friendly Fyah“. In Frankfurt, we are the proud hosts of „Rewind the Time“ and the „FORWARD“ events, as well as the chairmen of the „Dancehall University“.

To our enjoyment we represented our music in cities all over germany and europe, like Lausanne (CH), Brussels (BE), Amiens (FR), Munich, Hamburg and Mannheim, to name a few. We are grateful to all the lovely people involved, friends and folks, DJ’s, Soundsystems, Artists, Promoters and music addicts who made it possible to do so.


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