08.02. „Wake The Town…! ls. Sting Like A Bee

Sting FEB 2014Wake The Town And Tell The People!
08.02.2014 @ Kulturcafe Mainz
Jackpot meets Sting Like A Bee (Heidelberg/Stuttgart)…
23:00-24:00 / 5 €, ab 24:00 / 7€ 1 Rum Cola von 23:00-01:00 für 4€
About Sting Like A Bee Sound:
Sting like a bee was founded in 2003. In 2013 the crew consists of 4 members: Marcus Sting, Feb, Steven and DJ Swazi.
Sting is playing music in jamaican tradition – operating with a MC, selector and special efx – while never denying their european origin. The team applies a high standard, never settling for less than the best music, the most passionate performance and exclusive entertainment. With each member possessing a decade or more of experience in reggae and dancehall and a unique chemistry, developed in over 10 years of playing together, Sting can definitely handle every kind of musical task.

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