13.04. Wake The Town…! ls. Soulforce (Krefeld)

13.04. Wake The Town...! ls. Soulforce

Wake the town and tell the people!

For this year’s April edition we’re very happy to bring you Fizzle, the mastermind behind Soulforce (from Krefeld, now Barcelona)!

So this is defenetly a dance you should look out for! Reggae and Dancehall spiced with some remixes etc. + your local Host Jackpot Sound

13.04.2013 / 22:00 / 5€ / Kulturcafe Mainz



“Left-field dancehall’ spiced with hiphop & bass music!”

Fizzle represents for SoulForce as a DJ and he has played with some people you might know. – To take it even further: you might already have stumbled across Fizzle himself, since he has become a highly respected DJ and producer/remixer over the past few years, well-known for fresh Music, RMXs & DJ sets. Internationally.

He is the producer behind SoulForce as an act and the stupid LIEDERSOFTHENEWSCHOOL.

The real David Rodigan approved SoulForce to be “real, real talent”. – Fizzle says: “We just do music and I DJ”.

This year SoulForce was voted best remixers of the year second time in a row by RIDDIM MAGAZINE for the remix to Marsimotos “Wellness”.

When FIZZLE passes through your party you can expect a very own, dancehall influenced bass music set, featuring tons of own remixes and productions that nobody else can play!

check out this “FIZZLE DID THIS!” playlist for some example.


13.04.2013 / 22:00 / 5€ / Kulturcafe Mainz


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